Best Ceramic Tiles Designs

Ceramic TilesIndoor décor has come a long way, and ceramic tile design fully reflects the changes that have become trendy over the years. In the past  Ceramic Tile shapes  were standard square tiles, whereas now there are styles and patterns in the thousands. There is a look and feel to suit everyone’s taste, and if you can’t find the right fit for your needs you  have the option of cutting the tiles to the shape that is congruent with  your design objectives. Here are some of the more widely used ceramic tile shapes and styles to give you an idea of the diversity of this decoration option.

Let’s first look at the standard sizes and designs. To some of us they seem dull, but, for others, the ease of  installation trumps the blandness of design. Used both for the kitchen and bathroom, standard tiles are really great for lower  budget projects, and there are no special tips necessary to lay them effectively. Even so these standard designs can be combined  to create very inventive and elegant results. In the past these shapes and sizes were the only  tiles available, but over time more intricate designs were created. Things changed for the better for decorators and DIY buffs!

One of the big advantages of ceramic tile design is that you can create themed decorations, or styles, that reflect  certain historic periods. Using an ordinary diamond saw you can make your personal and unique ceramic tile design. With this inexpensive tool you can cut the shape and the size that best suits your purpose, even combining different types of tiles: gold specks, glazed, or not glazed, squares, triangles, rectangles, and plenty of others can turn your kitchen or bathroom into a very inspired room. The only problem with more complex ceramic tile designs is the installation challenges they bring.

Remember to ask the vendor whether the ceramic tile designs you choose come with self-spacing items on the edges. The presence of these small bumps, on the margins of each tile, helps the creation of a perfect grout line. For the success of the installation, pay special attention to the type of adhesive required by the ceramic tile type; some require mastic while others work with simple mortar. The type of adhesive is usually specified on the label. Make sure to read the instructions carefully so that the project is a great success. Don’t cut costs at the expense of quality as you will pay the price in the long run.